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Shenzhen SuDa nozzle is a professional engaged in various types of sprinkler spray products; Atomization nozzle, screw nozzle, clip the nozzle, fan nozzle and other series of nozzle. Collection of nozzle of research and development, production, sales in the integration of private technology enterprises. We are widely used in machinery, automobile, motorcycle, textile, paper making, electronic, pharmaceutical, power plant, beverage, brewing, chemical, food, environmental protection, steel, shipbuilding, aerospace, gardens etc, in environmental protection engineering industry, desulfurization dust removal industry, humidification and cooling industry, fire extinguishing industry, cleaning industry, add wet slippery industry, industry dust extinguishing dust removal, treatment before spraying industry, food industry, textile industry, pharmaceutical industry, chemical industry, machinery industry and other fields has been widely used.
The company has the world's most advanced production equipment and testing equipment, professional research and development laboratory, excellent quality and cost-effective services to global well-known enterprises. Our products 80% export, can contract for nozzle industry, for ordering.
We in line with sincerity, high quality flat price, efficient and quick business service concept, people-oriented, innovation, enterprising, make sure to provide clients with high added value, system comprehensive, professional, efficient services.

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