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In 2020, the sixth generation of fibre channel market will be over 1 billion $32 g will be dominant
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  • 7/27/2016, Dell 'Oro recently released a report is expected, by 2020 the sixth generation of fibre channel market will exceed $1 billion, the 32 gb fibre channel switch port shipments will account for more than half of the overall market.

    Dell 'Oro vice President Alan Weckel said: "the brocade, cisco, Emulex (by broadcom acquisition) and QLogic will be Cavium (acquisition) launch the next generation optical fiber channel products, such as in the next five years, fiber channel SAN market will experience a to the sixth generation of mass upgrade process of fibre channel switch and adapter. Flash memory storage market is experiencing the important migration; the sixth generation optical storage faster speed (32 GBPS) and many other new features will also be drive enterprise users to upgrade.

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